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Smarter transportation for every patient need.

Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to manage transportation benefits, strengthen enterprise transportation programs, and drive intelligent transitions of care.

Our partners include

Streamline the patient ride coordination experience

Effective ride coordination is more than just ordering a vehicle. There are a number of inputs required to ensure a seamless experience — from patient location and physical accessibility nuances, to available vehicle supply, to communication preferences and psychosocial needs. Our platform ingests multiple data points, maps each patient’s unique needs and preferences, and dynamically coordinates an optimized experience for everyone involved.
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1. Request
A care coordinator or patient can quickly and easily schedule a ride on-demand or in advance.
2. Match
Leveraging detailed profile information, our platform identifies the right vehicle and driver to meet the needs of any clinical use case.
3. Ride
Our platform monitors each ride for potential disruptions, triggering notifications to our Ride Success team for proactive intervention before a ride is disrupted.
4. Analyze
Healthcare organizations can track ride activity, performance, and patient satisfaction to understand progress against program KPIs and take actionable next steps.

Smarter rides.
More efficient coordination.

Manage utilization across populations, programs, departments and plans

Reduce visit no-shows and improve follow-up attendance

Avoid delayed hospital discharge and streamline transitions of care

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