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The comprehensive platform for patient transportation

Our end-to-end transportation platform coordinates the entire ride experience from request intake and trip assignment through billing and payment, providing real-time updates every step of the way to ensure a successful experience for passengers, coordinators and drivers.

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Patient Satisfaction

1. Request

A care coordinator or patient can quickly and easily schedule a ride on-demand or in advance
Passenger Profiles
Beyond basic demographic and mobility information, we capture accessibility needs and communication preferences for the most complex populations.
Cost Controls
Set your organization’s policies and guidelines at the enterprise level: our platform can manage utilization by limiting ride spend, distance or destinations by passenger, program, plan, or department.
Integrate with any major EHR, Care Management, or CRM system with minimal IT bandwidth to enable seamless ride scheduling within your system of record.

2. Match

Leveraging detailed profile information, our platform identifies the right vehicle and driver to meet the needs of any clinical use case.

3. Ride

The platform monitors each ride for potential disruptions, triggering notifications to our Ride Success team for proactive intervention before a disruption occurs.
We understand that each passenger has individual needs, from mobility limitations to communication preferences. Regardless of their unique situations, our passengers have the ability to receive updates through multiple channels—SMS text, mobile and landline phone calls, as well as an inbound support line and mobile Passenger Portal.
Our dispatch system integrations enable real-time status updates that are shared directly with the passenger, transportation provider and your team. Notifications are sent across multiple touch-points throughout the entire transportation journey.
Our Ride Success team allows our clients to facilitate transportation for the most complex populations without added coordination burden. With our system’s automated notifications that flag potential issues from fraud, waste and abuse to difficulties connecting a driver with a passenger, our team intervenes as needed before disruptions occur to ensure a positive passenger experience.

4. Analyze

Healthcare organizations can track ride activity, performance, and patient satisfaction to understand progress against program KPIs and take actionable next steps.

Self serve dashboards, CSV export, and data warehouse integration

Healthcare organizations have the ability to understand progress against program KPIs and take actionable steps through reporting dashboards and self-serve data exports.
  • Utilization Rates
  • Cost and Spend Data
  • Ride Event Timestamps
  • Pickup and Dropoff by Address, County, Zip Code
  • Average Trip Distance
  • Average Patient Satisfaction

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