The comprehensive platform for patient transportation

Effective ride coordination is more than just ordering a vehicle. There are a number of inputs required to ensure a seamless experience — from patient location and physical accessibility nuances, to available vehicle supply, to communication preferences and psychosocial needs. Our platform captures these data points, maps each patient’s unique needs and preferences, and dynamically coordinates an optimized experience for everyone involved.

1. Request

A care manager or patient can easily request a ride on-demand or in advance, through our standalone coordinator or passenger portals, managed contact center service, and native system integrations.
Patient Profiles
Capture mobility limitations, accessibility needs and communication preferences for the most complex populations. Any changes are automatically saved to your patient database for streamlined trip requests.
Utilization Controls
Set policies and budgets by passenger, population, department, or plan. Our platform can manage utilization by limiting ride spend, distance, destinations, and covered services.
System Integrations
Our standard integrations with major EHR, Care Management, and CRM systems enable seamless ride coordination within your system of record.

2. Match

Leveraging detailed profile information, our platform identifies the right vehicle and driver based on appointment or discharge time, location, mobility needs, cost, and the historical performance data of eligible transportation providers.

Automated Ride Scheduling and Real-Time Visibility

Our platform schedules every requested ride without human intervention. Direct integrations with each transportation provider's existing dispatch system enable automated ride scheduling and consistent real-time updates regardless of patient mobility limitations or accessibility needs.
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3. Ride

We don’t wait to be called for assistance. Our platform automatically monitors each ride for potential disruptions, triggering notifications to our Ride Success team for proactive intervention before an escalation occurs. These notifications flag potential issues ranging from fraud, waste and abuse to difficulties connecting a passenger with a driver.

Enhanced Patient Accessibility

We understand that each passenger has individual needs, from mobility limitations to communication preferences. Regardless of their unique situations, passengers have the ability to receive updates in 100+ languages across multiple channels – SMS text, mobile and landline phone calls, as well as an inbound support line and a mobile Passenger Portal.
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4. Analyze

From performance data to passenger feedback, our integrated network produces reliable transportation data to quantify impact across your organization. Our team is your partner in optimization, constantly monitoring network performance and patient experience to meet the needs of your unique populations.
Access our comprehensive data set and performance metrics through reporting dashboards, self-serve data export, and data warehouse integration.
  • Utilization Rates
  • Cost and Spend Data
  • Ride Event Timestamps
  • Pickup and Drop-off Locations
  • Trip Distance and Duration
  • Patient Satisfaction and Feedback