Enhance clinical operations and patient compliance

For chronic conditions such as cancer, studies have shown that missing just two radiation treatments significantly impacts clinical outcomes. Our end-to-end solution breaks down barriers to care and improves treatment adherence across a wide-range of patient populations.
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Reduce the burden of transportation coordination

A Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Our platform allows clinical staff to coordinate a ride in under two minutes, allowing your team to focus on what is most important: patient care. Our end-to-end solution manages every aspect of transportation coordination with a demonstrated impact on:
  • No-Show & Late Cancellation Rates
  • Patient Throughput & Delayed Discharges
  • Readmission Rates & Clinical Outcomes
  • On-Time Arrivals & Patient Experience
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“What took between 4 to 8 hours for a cab to pick up a patient has now been reduced to 10 - 20 minutes at night and 6 -1 0 minutes during the day. This improves ED bed availability, patient satisfaction, and improves morale for my night and weekend ED staff."
Assistant Nurse Manager
Emergency Department
"We have a patient that required daily radiation, was visually impaired, and had no family  support. Without this program, we would not have been able to help this gentleman receive his treatment."
Social Worker
Oncology Department
"We can create a ride for the same day and they are always available to complete the request. It's very user friendly and support is easy to reach and always helpful and kind."
Community Health Worker
Primary Care Clinic
From complex care management to enterprise-wide programs

Coordinate Across Care Settings and Specialties

Set organization policies at the system level and use department and program-specific utilization controls to allow decentralized access across the enterprise. Compliance policies and program budgets are enforced automatically, with each department receiving an individual invoice for review every month.
  • Discharge Coordination
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Oncology
  • ESRD
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
EHR System Integrations

Request Rides in your System of Record

Ride Health offers standard integrations with all major EHRs. Integration requires minimal IT bandwidth and supports native request rides within EHR workflows, all while maintaining a comprehensive medical record that includes facility-arranged transportation.
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Supporting the healthcare system during COVID-19

COVID-19 Patient Transport and Contact Tracing Support

Leveraging our core ride delivery model, we’ve expanded our product and service offerings to support transport of patients at-risk for COVID-19, contact tracing for driver and passenger exposures, and additional services including food delivery and staff transport.
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Improve Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes

Healthcare providers across the country are using Ride Health to coordinate patient access to clinical and social needs, ensuring greater access to care, improved efficiencies, and better outcomes.
After conducting a community health needs assessment, Virtua identified transportation as a barrier to care for their patient population resulting in increased costs, disruption of care, reduced use of primary care services and increased ED visits.
  • 7x ROI From Reduction in Primary Care No-Shows
  • 75% Reduction in Oncology Appointment No-Shows
  • 50% Reduction in Average Ride Cost
  • 20% Improvement in ED Throughput
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