Elevate trial performance and patient retention

Working side-by-side with pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations, we develop technology-enabled transportation programs that break down barriers to care and enhance protocol compliance.
Broaden the scope of trial participants

Increase Clinical Trial Enrollment and Inclusivity

Address health disparities in clinical research by improving access for underrepresented populations. Offering transportation as a standard component of your trials is shown to increase enrollment and improve study diversity.
Increase participant compliance

Improve Protocol Compliance and Study Efficacy

Many studies include comprehensive protocols where missed appointments can have a significant impact on intended outcomes. Trials requiring frequent appointments may result in added burdens, especially for those who are elderly, disabled or cognitively impaired. Offering a transportation program can alleviate these barriers and improve participant retention. 
Seamless program coordination

Designed to Effectively Manage Complex Logistics

Our national transportation provider network can accommodate study participants across a wide-range of clinical needs, accessed through a platform built to automate and streamline the most complex workflows.
  • Roster Management by Study and Site
  • Passenger Portal for Self-Scheduling
  • Destination Whitelists
  • Multi-Stop Trips (Home, Mobile Testing Site, Healthcare Facility)
  • COVID-19 Equipped Transportation Providers
  • Reliable Rural Coverage
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Enable data-driven transportation programs

Integrate Transportation into Clinical Trial Systems

Access our standalone platform or integrate transportation directly into your existing patient engagement and trial management systems. Our solution is designed to minimize the coordination burden and automate utilization tracking across all clinical trials and sites.
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