Supporting the healthcare system during COVID-19

Leveraging our core ride delivery model, we’ve expanded our product and service offerings to support transport of patients at-risk for COVID-19, contact tracing for driver and passenger exposures, and additional services including food delivery and staff transport.

A COVID-19 Equipped Transportation Network

We’ve expanded our transportation network to include transportation providers with the policies, procedures and equipment to safely transport patients with a confirmed COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis. Our platform now includes a native COVID-19 screening that is factored into our automated decision logic for trip assignments. This ensures trips are fulfilled by individually vetted transportation providers meeting standards that include continuous use of personal protective equipment, sterilization of vehicles between every ride, and daily health checks for drivers.
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COVID-19 Contact Tracing

For instances in which a passenger or driver's positive COVID-19 diagnosis is determined after transport, procedures leveraging our ride-level data capture allow us to quickly alert affected parties in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Minimizing this time between a positive COVID-19 test and informing recent contacts limits driver and passenger exposure and reduces community spread.

Rapid Deployment Support

We’ve modified our platform implementation, transportation provider contracting and integration processes to enable healthcare organizations to get up and running in as little as 48 hours. Our goals are to ensure uninterrupted access to life sustaining treatments and optimized bed utilization through timely discharges and transfers, while allowing front-line clinical staff to focus on patient care rather than ride logistics.
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Food Delivery & Staff Transport

In addition to patient transportation, we’ve expanded our services to support food delivery through our clients’ partnerships with local food banks, grocery stores, and community resources. Additional services also include staff transportation, whether it's providing in-home services to patients or simply getting to and from work.

For Transportation Providers

If you have the policies, procedures, and PPE in place to transport COVID-19 at-risk patients, or would like guidance in doing so, please reach out to our network team.