Transportation designed for I/DD

Transportation capacity, cost and reliability is a growing challenge for I/DD provider organizations and the people they support. We partner with I/DD provider agencies and health plans to improve access to day services, medical and non-medical appointments.
Technology matters, but so do the people

For Agencies, We Deliver Transportation Excellence

From tech-enabled dispatch management to vehicle fleet and driver / attendant management, we can provide part or all of the below services depending on your needs.
  • Web-based portal to provide your staff with insight into ride status for day program visits, outside medical appointments and discharges — all mobility across the organization, in one place
  • Dispatch Management team to handle transportation request intake, schedule building, routing and dispatch using state-of-the-art integrated dispatch software
  • Coordination and management of third-party transportation providers, either on a per-trip or dedicated-vehicle basis, to consolidate your contracts and mitigate capacity risk
  • Vehicle fleet and driver management including insurance, maintenance, fuel and key management, driver recruitment, I/DD-aligned driver and attendant training, and day-to-day driver scheduling.
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Large-scale population management that earns local trust

For Health Plans, Your Aligned Transportation Benefit Manager

Our “hybrid network” for I/DD transportation optimizes in-house vehicle fleets and supplemental NEMT networks to improve demand response and reduce costs.
  • Roster Management Engine ingests member rosters to maintain up-to-date eligibility in Ride Health
  • Managed Scheduling for members via an omni-channel Contact Center, with real-time and proactive ride support provided to members and care managers
  • Ride utilization is automatically tracked against the benefit criteria of a member’s plan, with support for ride count or monetary allotments, covered services, and distance, duration, and destination controls
  • Optimize mode mix across mileage reimbursement, public transit, ride-hailing (TNC) and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Fraud, waste, and abuse prevention via flagging ineligible or fraudulent rides in real-time and recovering associated costs.
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Increase attendance while containing costs

Transportation Designed to Scale with your Organization

I/DD is rapidly evolving, supported by expanded eligibility and a continued shift toward more community and home-based care. Our model is designed to scale with your organization, containing growth in vehicles and staffing while meeting the unique needs of your program.
Improving clinical, operational, and financial outcomes

Experience Across the I/DD Spectum

Ride Health has clients ranging from Day Programs (such as Services for the UnderServed in New York, with 200 attendees) to Statewide Managed Care Organizations (My Choice Wisconsin and iCare, with 17,000 members across Wisconsin's I/DD programs) so we understand each stakeholder's perspective to build trust and buy-in. We also have clients and team members in the majority of U.S. states, from coast to coast.
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